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How does WEBMyers build a better space for you? It’s simple: we use a tried and tested strategic operational process. Essentially, we have taken a manufacturing approach and applied the best of those practices to the construction environment. Our rigorous checks and balances ensure consistency in quality and workmanship to every project, every time. It’s the WEBMyers difference.

Our plan involves:

Internal Take-Off / Design-Construction Estimates We take the time to count the doors and the switches. It may seem like a trivial task, but we have seen what occurs when other companies skip these important “minor” steps. We are exact in every step of the project which means accurate cost and delivery to you.

VE Options We then review the plans and seek out opportunities to reduce your cost. We are quite creative and employ various techniques other than just subcontracting.

Schedule We set up a feasible delivery plan and jointly review benchmarks and deadlines.

Owner/Designer/Subcontractor Meetings We keep you informed throughout the process. During this phase of the plan, we hold an official meeting. We bring all parties together to collaborate, note, and agree on project goals.

Validation We check completed tasks for quality control as soon as they are completed.

Let us show you the WEBMyers difference!
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  • 10-14 days depending on size
  • Yes, we are a licensed general contractor in the state of Georgia.
  • Our team's longevity in the industry affords us the ability to provide clients with a plethora of contacts from every facet of the design and build process.
  • We are dedicated to providing top knotch service with a sense of urgency for each and every issue, from the door knobs to the entire room.